Ice Maker Repair

We have all realized that those silly freezer trays are a pain in the butt and the worst is when the person who took the last ice cube forgets to fill the tray back up. The beauty of an ice-cold glass of iced tea or soda with a couple of ice cubes in there can make a summer day just a little cooler. These are the exact reasons why ice makers were invented.

When something goes wrong with your ice maker, give the professionals at Joe’s Appliance Repair a call so we can get that fixed for you. We can handle any maintenance or repairs that your ice maker may need so that you can enjoy that cold glass of iced tea.

Our techs are training all the time on the newest models and they stay up to date on the latest in appliance technology. You can rest assured that your appliance is being repaired by the most qualified hands in the Gladstone area.

Lots Of Things Can Go Wrong

Although it is a simple appliance, there are a number of different components that work together in order to make the perfect ice cubes. A problem with one component can lead to a number of different issues. That is why this simple appliance can have complicated issues.

There can be a problem with the ejector assembly, the water inlet valve, or damage may have happened to the main supply line. This complexity is why repairs should be left to those who understand these machines, their parts, how they work together, and the various problems they can cause when broken.

One of the things that people also don’t consider is that appliance repair can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. These reasons are why you should leave all your appliance repair needs up to our repair technicians.

Common Ice Maker Problems

It’s Working But It Won’t Make Ice

If your machine is making less ice than it usually makes or is supposed to make, it is likely a problem with the waterline. The line is likely blocked.

It’s Not Working

When the bin fills with ice, the control arm tells the ice maker that it doesn’t need to make any more ice to fill the bucket. You will want to try and manually resetting the pause feature and make sure that it isn’t on. Otherwise, this problem can be attributed to a broken inlet valve, water line, or filter.

It’s Leaking

First check to make sure that the unit is level, whether it is a unit that is built into the refrigerator or a stand-alone unit. Also, check to make sure that the funnel and the filling bin are lined up as well. If all of this looks good, give us a call so we can get out there to keep you from having a huge water mess to have to deal with.

Fix-It Or Replace It

Ice makers only last up to 5 years or so and that is with proper maintenance, care, and use. Once they reach that age, they will start to break down often and parts are going to start to malfunction more and more often. Our techs at Joe’s Appliance Repair can help you figure out whether it is time to replace the ice maker or repair it.